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Plan, Do, Review

Plan, Do, Review can look very different with different age groups, and as practiced by different adults, something which is intended to empower children can become very controlling.

Watch the two videos below, paying attention to how the adults are helping the children to choose, develop and reflect on activities.

Tracy Seed. April 2018

The video below looks at a range of age groups and shows practitioners working with individual children to help them think about the choices they are making, develop activities and to review.  


Teaching Minute

The video below is of a Kindergarten Class in America which shows Plan, Do Review as an established part of the classroom routine. 


If the aim of the HighScope is about helping to empower children is there a point where imposing a control routine to promote this could be come too much? 

After watching the two video’s above, compare and contrast the two approaches answering the following questions.

  • How likely do you think they are to achieve the aim of encouraging children to be aware of an manage their own learning?
  • How well do you think the approaches will prepare them for school?
  • Use the observation grid in the document below to record your observations. We will be discussing this as part of this weeks workshop. You may also want to make some notes in your portfolio to refer back to.