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Contraceptive injection

In this sprint you will learn about contraceptive injection.

The injection is a popular method of contraception.  This is given every 3 months.  It is progestogen only and can be used by the majority of women whatever social or health conditions they have. 

  • The contraceptive injection is likely to cause unpredictable bleeding after it has been given.  If the injections are continued for a year of more most women will find that they stop bleeding altogether or they get an occasional light bleed. 
  • The injection can be given at the GP practice or some women learn to give the injection to themselves every 3 months. 
  • The injection is more effective than the contraceptive pills because there is no need to remember to take something every day. 
  • If a woman wants to become pregnant within the next 12 months the injection should not be used as it is the only method where there is a delay in return to fertility once it is stopped.