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Choosing a method

In this sprint you will learn about how to choose a contraception method.

It is important to know what the woman is wanting from her contraceptive method. Pills are overestimated in their efficacy as ‘user error’ is often a concern for those with busy lives. So appreciating how effective and reliable a method is required is a good starting point. 

A clinical assessment is required to confirm that the chosen method is safe for her to use.  Different methods have different risks and side-effects and the doctor, nurse, pharmacist who is able to provide the contraception will be trained to provide the assessment and further recommendations. 

  • Does she have plans to become pregnant in the near future – is rapid reversibility important to her?
  • Many methods have unpredictable bleeding, particularly in the first few months and would this be something that she would find manageable?
  • Does she want a method that stops ovulation? 
  • Does she want something that is hormone free?