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Building relationships during pregnancy

Introduction to ‘Building relationships during pregnancy’ 

In this sprint you will develop the following knowledge: 

  • I can help parents to become interested in their baby’s development. 
  • I can help parents to visualise their baby and start to build a relationship during pregnancy. 

The relationships that are established before birth are really important. The relationship that is established during pregnancy can create a foundation for a baby to feel safe and secure. 

NHS Inform

Using the link above, have a look at the webpage to help you understand the importance of attachment and bonding during pregnancy. Consider the importance of bonding before birth and how bonding takes time. 


Develop your understanding of ‘Building relationships during pregnancy’ 

Building relationships whilst you are pregnant plays an important role in getting ready for the arrival of your baby.

HSE Ireland

Watch the video below and make notes about how to build a relationship with the baby during pregnancy. 


Reflect upon ‘Building relationships during pregnancy’ 


Read through the journal article below paying particular attention to section 3.


What does the journal article above tell you about maternal-infant bonding?

Engage with section 3, the discussion section and makes notes about the importance of building a relationship during pregnancy.


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