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Research Internships

We’re excited to announce that Rise’s hugely successful range of research internships are back for summer 2021. As always, these allow you to expand and deepen your studies, and gain experience of working on real research projects with real researchers, all while earning 300 Rise points.

This year, in addition to a hugely expanded range of internships, we’re offering a couple of other new features:

  • Grand Challenges that tie internships together, providing you with a chance to see how your research connects to the bigger picture.
  • Research Intensives that help you to upskill in Key Research Skills, Researching Race and Racism and Digital Research Methods in advance of starting your internship
  • PhD mentors with experience of research to offer support and guidance

You can apply on the page for each internship, and you’ll need to include an expression of interest that outlines your suitability. Bear in mind that many internships are flexible in terms of dates and subjects – some aren’t limited to a specific subject so if you’re interested in a particular topic then give it a go!

Events Now Closed:

Unfortunately, the following activities are now at full capacity. Get an expression of interest in for one of the remaining activities above before they sell out too!

Grand Challenges experience research across disciplinary lines with links to the bigger picture and a programme of vibrant open events.
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