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A critical introduction to research that explores the historical and contemporary topics around race and how we research it.
Welcome to Researching Race and Racism. This self study pack is a critical introduction to research that explores the historical and contemporary topics around race and how we research it. It’s important to think of this self study pack as a set of provocations and reflections that will prepare you for being a considerate and ethical researcher. Some of the topics covered may seem quite complex, however through the additional activities you will be invited to engage with you should find yourself feeling more confident talking, thinking and writing about race.

Throughout this self study pack, you will be engaged in an array of different through-provoking topics. Although this self study pack has an order and a structure you can feel free to start with the introduction and pick how you would like to engage with the material. Put simply you get to decide how and which topics you’d like to look at first and in what order! The only advice is however to complete each topic and the sprints within them before starting another topic. This is to ensure you don’t get too overwhelmed and can take time getting the whole picture of a topic before moving to another.

As authors, we have engaged with the design of this Rise as a curative process where we have sourced videos, blogs, podcasts and readings that you can engage with. At the end of each sprint, there will be a set of provocations and questions that you can use for your self study pack portfolio or for your personal reflexive praxis. This self study pack was specifically designed for students taking part in the Rise Research Internship Program, but all are welcome to engage with this content.

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Self Study Pack Content

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Key InformationPoints40Effort12 hoursPrerequisitesNoneRelease Date11th May 2021
Author Info

Khadijah Diskin

Postgraduate Research and Teaching Assistant. Completing a PhD in Psychology entitled; Decolonial Subjects: A decolonial and psychosocial inquiry of the intersubjective positions of Black Students using Lacan’s four Discourses

Hannah Guy

PhD Researcher. Completing a PhD in Education Examining the role of images in the spread of misinformation on Social Media.

Emeka Nwankwo

PhD Researcher. Currently completing a Ph.D. in Digital Politics at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Manchester Metropolitan University.