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Opportunities for Life Sciences

The Department of Life Sciences have partnered with Rise at Manchester Met to curate some opportunities particularly aimed at enabling their students to succeed within and beyond their degrees.

You can gain valuable skills and experience, and even better, engagement with these experiences is rewarded formally as part of your degree transcript. So get involved now, take every opportunity and Rise at Manchester Met.

Below or a subset of opportunities from our much bigger offer. Remember, you’ll need to register for Rise before you can access these.

Register Now and Browse The Larger Rise Offer

Our activities give students to ability to engage with more sustained opportunities to learn and gain experience, and accumulate larger allotments of Rise points. Here are a selection we think might be of particular interest to you:

Gain Skills with Self Study in a range of Rise Intensives relevant to your course
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40 You will earn 40 bronze points for completing this activity.
A course to increase your understanding of culture, diversity, prejudice and inclusion as part of your journey to becoming more culturally competent.
Self Study Kit: Teach your self a skill at your own pace
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60 You will earn 60 bronze points for completing this activity.
Learn about the applied principles of Behaviour Design; the ways in which design principles can be used to positively change the behaviour of individuals, communities and societies.