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Learn about the applied principles of Behaviour Design; the ways in which design principles can be used to positively change the behaviour of individuals, communities and societies.
At some point haven’t we all wanted to change our own behaviour? Or that of someone else? Behavioural Design does just that. It’s a design process that aims to positively change people’s behaviour. In this self-study pack you will discover the process and tools of Behavioural Design. Dive deep into behavioural science and combine it with Design Thinking and Systems Thinking.

Don’t be put off by ‘behavioural science’. You don’t need any pre-existing knowledge to take this self-study pack. I will walk you through each step and build your knowledge along the way.

This is a self-study pack of doing. You will learn the theory and apply the theory. Early on you will select a problem and use it as a learning tool to target, explore, identify, ideate, measure and monitor your behavioural design solution.

Welcome to behaviour and design.

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Key InformationPoints60Effort20 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date5th November 2020
Author Info

Lauren Kelly is the founder of BehaviourStudio, a behaviour change studio. A role that means she has her feet in two worlds. One in Design. The other in Behavioural Science. She crafts engaging and motivating solutions that help change people’s behaviour: BehaviourStudio – Behavioural Design – Innovation. Training.