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Join The Saturday Club

Elle Simms

The National Saturday Club is a network of subject specialist clubs offering young people aged 13–16-year-olds free workshops in a subject of their choice. Manchester Metropolitan has a long history of running Saturday Clubs, starting to deliver the Art & Design club 10 years ago. We now have six different clubs in:

  • Writing & Talking
  • Science & Engineering
  • Art & Design
  • Film & Media
  • Fashion & Business
  • Society & Change

We need students like you to come and support the delivery, bring your wonderful personalities and varied interests, and show young people what it is like to live in Manchester and attend a vibrant university like Manchester Met.

It is not essential you already come with the necessary skill set to be a co-facilitator. Whether you want to apply skills and knowledge from your course or delve into some other area of interest, you are welcome to co-facilitate within a club of your choice. The Saturday Club is a learning space, not only for its young participants but also for their co-facilitators and tutors. What’s most important is your initiative and your willingness to support and provide a safe space for participants to talk and advocate for matters that are important to them.

Co-facilitators will also be Storytellers. You will tell the story of your Saturday Club on social media across LinkedIn and the Rise website, building a professional profile for yourself and your peers.

Through training and practice, you will develop facilitation and workshop delivery skills, as well as hone several transferrable skills that are desirable for graduate careers. Collaboration, professionalism, creativity, effective communication, and social awareness are some of them.

“The role inspired me and made me feel like I had made an impact in the lives of young people.”

Jemina Jones, Co-facilitator of the Art & Design Club

“Looking back at the ten weeks that we ran the Club, it was an absolute pleasure, and it was so rewarding to see the students’ work. Now that it’s all done, I’ll be sad to let the group go, but based on the time we got together, I know they all have bright futures ahead of them.”

Nathan, Lead Tutor of the Society & Change Club

Whether you are looking to have teaching experience, learn how to facilitate a workshop, develop your CV, or are just interested in the subjects on offer, it is an excellent opportunity to gain skills and experience outside your course.

Even if you are not available to attend every Saturday, you can still engage meaningfully with the project. You can discuss a timetable of availability and engagement with the tutor of your club.

Learn more about the role and how to apply here:

Saturday Club Co-facilitator & Storyteller Role