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Ideas Festival, We Have a Winner! 

Dan Syder

This year’s Ideas Festival began in early January when students and recent graduates were invited to bring their enterprise ideas forward to get the chance of winning up to £1000.  

On the 29th of March, the careful selection process and months of hard work and preparation came to fruition when the six talented finalists pitched their ideas for one last time in the Grand Final.  

As promised, the Grand Final was a true celebration of the participant’s ideas. An app to learn languages with a human touch, a website to learn all about the publishing industry, a storage service for adventurers to freely explore new places, and much more!  

But which grand idea won the Grand Final?  

Recondition! A fashion brand for everyone and believes in accessibility without the expense of style. Founded by third-year Fashion Design student Ellie Louise Brown, Recondition aims to cater to all consumers, not just able-bodied people, at a consumer-friendly price.  

Her story, passion, and determination to bring this business forward impressed the judging panel and granted her the big prize of £1000 in the Grand Final. Congratulations Ellie!   

“I still can’t believe it… but today, I won the Ideas Festival at MMU for my business plan Recondition. I am so grateful and energised by the whole experience and can’t thank the Enterprise team enough. This funding is the first step for me to be able to start my own business.” 

Ellie Louise Brown 

All finalists presented their innovative ideas brilliantly and won £500 each, so huge well done to Robert Bowden, Jane Antar, Harvey Brown, Ellie Croston, and Sope Awe. We can’t wait to see what is next! 

Do you also have an enterprise idea you’d like to explore? Well, get ready, cause the Ideas Festival will be back next year!  

It’s never too early to start prepping, and you can start by doing some of our self study packs on enterprise. They’ll take you through every step, from idea generation to the financial stuff. 

Watch out for this space and get ready to become next year’s winner!