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Checking In: Rise Projects

Beth Fulham Rise Communications and Copywriter

Over the last couple of weeks, I have popped into the Rise projects. Students, from all different backgrounds and courses, come together every week to work on their very own projects. This semester we have the Ecotech Explorers: Greener Computing Project, Watch this Green Space Project: Transforming Urban Green Spaces, Business and Social Purpose Consultants: The Shed, and Develop International Early Years Science Activities. So far, these projects have been a huge success with the students and their ambition is coursing through their veins.

Last week the students at the Green Space Project announced their ideas to one another; each group presented their presentation pitch and shared their vision. The pitch’s were inspirational so this week I decided to crash their weekly meeting and talk to them more about their future plans. One group showed me their well-organised presentation with their plans to transform green spaces to make them more diverse, friendly, and safe. This team carried out market research, write SWOT business plans, drew structure plans, and even went to different parks to compare. Another group are eager to kick start their own business by creating a garden and sanctuary full of wildflowers and trees for the public to look around and admire. At first they were planning to have a venue for a cafe and events however decided the logistics of this were quite complicated. When speaking to them, there were talks of food and coffee vendors parked on the site for the public to enjoy instead. Whilst zooming in on their ideas the students have the chance to deepen their business strategy skills, and explore more sustainable options. Each group were loving the progress of their projects and were improving their friendship with one another.

Similarly to the green space project, the students in the Ecotech project were presenting their pitches to one another. Once they did, they all acknowledged what they needed to improve: their relationship. All students gathered around the table and bonded over something they are all passionate about…carbon footprint and green computing. Not only is the bonding going to improve the quality of their project work, but it’s also helped them to become friends with one another.

Afraid you’re missing out on all the fun? Don’t panic, we have many live activities you can get involved in right now. Become a Saturday Club Co-Facilitator and make your impact on young people. Or express your artistic side by producing a hybrid music event.

We will also be running another lot of six week projects in semester two and you can start preparing now by completing some of our self study kits. Take a look through our Design Thinking self study kit to improve your thinking skills so you can make the most out of a project next semester.