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Black History Month

Beth Fulham Rise Communications and Copywriter

This October, we are joining the rest of the world with celebration of Black History Month – and we are doing it in style! Black History Month has been recognised since 1974 and it is a time to reflect and remember the important people and events which make up Black History. It is an important time to spread awareness and learn more, while continuing to support the Black community’s histories, traditions, and culture. 

Did you know: The first self-made millionaire was Madam C. J. Walker, an African American female. In honour of this, this years Black History Month theme is ‘Celebrating our sisters’. Here at Rise, we have many self-study kits, events, and workshops in celebratory of our sisters, where you can expand your knowledge, celebrate black arts, and culture, and learn the depths of Black history. Join Barclay’s in empowering Black women in the tech industry, be inspired at the Zebra Tribe comic festival, or join the Research Lounge to expand your knowledge:

We know you want to delve deeper into the history and representation of Black history so lucky for you we have rolled out some self-study kits for you to go through in your own time, all year round:

Don’t forget to check out the official website for Black History Month 2023 where you will learn more about their efforts on raising awareness and many more ways for you to engage throughout the month.