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Activity: Takes place with a fixed time and schedule
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16th May
to 31st May
300 You will earn 300 bronze points for completing this activity.
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Well-City Research Assistant

16th May to 31st May
Working with our partners Salisbury Museum, ArtCare UK, Wessex Archaeology and Wiltshire Creative to evaluate creative courses to connect people to the arts, heritage, our locality, the landscape and to each other, promoting wellbeing, creativity and connection.

Research host: Dr Faye Sayer

You will work as part of the HRC team undertaking the evaluation and monitoring of the CHLF Well-City Salisbury parternship project. This will involve supporting the project team with developing an evaluation frameworks and all associated materials, conducting evaluation activities, producing annual monitoring reports, and ensuring evaluation methods remain relevant and useful throughout the life of the project.

In A Nutshell...

  • Collaborate...with Salisbury Museum, ArtCare UK, Wessex Archaeology and Wiltshire Creative
  • the development of an evaluation facilitated by expert partners
  • Show Leadership...have the opportunity to demonstrate ability to implement change and strategies with partners.
  • Gain Recognition...with external partners and through published reports.
  • Earn up to 300 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • call_split 16/05/22 to 31/05/22
    Data Collection and Evaluation
    In the element you will be going through evaluation methods and data from the project