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Activity: Takes place with a fixed time and schedule
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9th May
to 1st July
300 You will earn 300 bronze points for completing this activity.
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Street-connectedness and education: understanding progress to facilitate access to learning

9th May to 1st July
This research internship will support data generation and analysis on a project that is exploring how access to education is enabled for street-connected young people, and the opportunities and challenges faced by organisations enabling this access. There will be opportunities to be involved with authorship of reports and papers.

Host Researcher: Dr Su Corcoran

Building on previous research exploring street-connected young people’s experiences of education, this study will draw collaboratively on the knowledge, experience and networks of StreetInvest and Chance for Childhood (both civil society organisations) to understand:

a) how access to education is enabled for street-connected young people globally,

b) the opportunities and challenges faced by organisations enabling this access,

In order to inform the authorship of a position paper that will outline recommendations for enabling inclusive quality education for street-connected young people based on organisations’ experiential learning. This position paper will provide a framework with which to:

c) challenge dominant narratives around street-connectedness and access to education,

d) identify areas of potential focus for future research – particularly an ESRC funding proposal.

e) inform advocacy for inclusive approaches to policy and practice.

Your role is to get involved in the data analysis side of the project. We will have conducted an online survey of organisations to find out how they enable access to education for street-connected children. You will be able to get involved in the analysis of the data and writing for the position paper. We will also be organising online focus groups with organisations. At least one of these will take place in May/June so there is an opportunity to get involved in the data generation aspect as well as the data analysis side.

In A Nutshell...

  • Learn...about inclusive education and the challenges facing non-governmental organisations working to include marginalised young people
  • Collaborate...with a team of academics and practitioners working in education with street-connected young people
  • Get data generation and analysis
  • Co-author...a position paper with the research team
  • Earn up to 300 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • call_split 09/05/22 to 01/07/22
    Work flexibly on the tasks set.
    You will meet regularly with the research team. learn how to generate and analyse data as part of the project and author aspects of the position paper. There may be options to extend your involvement during the summer should you wish to.