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Python for Scientific Computing and TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence

This hands-on workshop is designed for anyone in the MMU community who wants to learn how to use Python for Scientific Computing and TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming. No prior knowledge of Python or programming is required to benefit from this workshop.

Please click here to read the full brochure for this workshop.

The main objective of this workshop is to introduce delegates to Scientific Computing using Python and Artificial Intelligence using TensorFlow. Participants will be introduced to Python and Scientific Computing before moving on to Artificial Intelligence. The workshop will focus on the Python and TensorFlow programs and NOT on the mathematical theory.

This workshop is aimed at a large professional audience: from academics and technicians, advanced undergraduate and graduate students to applied mathematicians, engineers, and researchers in a broad range of disciplines such as biology, chemistry, computing, economics, nonlinear optics, neural networks, population dynamics and physics.

The workshop includes practical, hands-on sessions where participants are given the opportunity to apply in practice the theory they have learnt. All Python and TensorFlow program files can be downloaded through GitHub.

The workshop will help to develop a practical understanding of how Python can be used to solve real-world problems and provide scientists with a means of presenting their results.

Feedback from the January 2022 session:

It was extremely informative and well taught. I liked how a variety of real life contexts were used for example in finance, biology and computer science. I enjoyed the workshop very much!”


“Developed my Python knowledge as well as learning many new skills and learning about mathematical models as well as leaning to use Jupyter and Colab to code in.”


“Easy access to programs and a very detailed work sheet to help me look back and practice in my own time.”


I am a physicist turned biologist, and currently learning python for bioinformatic analysis and this course taught me how to model biological process. Some of the examples, especially the biology related once and image processing that was discussed were very interesting to me.”


“The course was very interesting and informative. The best part was that it focused on many real life problems.”

In A Nutshell...