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Unit X Inspirer
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15th February
17:00 to 19:00
10 You will earn 10 silver points for completing this activity.
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Inspirer#3 Exploring Identities

15th February 17:00 to 19:00
This year the Unit X Inspirer series is working in partnership with Design Factory and our research Readers in Design to spotlight and celebrate local creativity. Drawing on leading designers across Manchester and Stockport, Exploring Identities spotlights the work of Amy Shenton, ALL Magazine and Heather from Underbank Studios.
Unit X: The official playground exploring the big questions facing the future of design and what it is like to work, live and breathe as creative change makers. We are collaborating with the Academic & Study Skills Team to elevate your creative thinking in a series of workshops designed to support you as your prepare for your Unit X assessment.

These talks will be an opportunity to inspire your thinking during Unit X, and for those who attend in person, you can claim RISE points as additional credits! All talks will be recorded and available afterward on this webpage.

A little info about our partner this year, Design Factory

Manchester Design Factory is a new innovation hub at Manchester School of Art. It is a vehicle for our community of practitioners, researchers, and students to design locally-based sustainable development with the potential to reach well beyond our city. We take a participatory approach to designing innovation that is social and inclusive. The first project that we are working on is the Arts Council-funded Creative Campus project in Stockport. Through this activity, the Design Factory will be able to apply design thinking and doing to the theme of ‘Repurpose’, working with creative businesses and social enterprises to actively develop sustainable ways of collectively thriving. Stockport can be a microcosm for creating positive change which works with what we have, and by design amplifies what we need more of.

Amy Shenton, ALL Magazine

Amy Shenton is the founder and designer of ALL Magazine. ALL Magazine is both a printed and digital magazine that looks at talented individuals in a different city for each issue. Our main ethos at ALL Mag is community and collaboration, and we believe in creating a space for people to express themselves, create, and discover other creatives. Through the magazine, we offer our platform for those who are making incredible work to showcase their creativity, continuously help to support artists, and bring like-minded people together through the magazine and our events. Issue 2 “MANCHESTER 2” and Issue 3 “LONDON” are both available to buy on the website as a physical copies now, with all three issues available for digital download. Issue 3 “LONDON” is also stocked in multiple bookshops throughout the UK, as well as one overseas. The city that we are focusing on for Issue 4 will be announced soon, and will be out available to buy in Summer 2024, which we will also be having a big launch party for…. even bigger and better than our Soho London launch so keep an eye out!

Instagram: @allmagazine_uk

Underbank Studio

Underbank Studios CIC is a community-focused, female-led arts project creating inclusive opportunities for artists and local people to develop existing artistic practices and engage in art activities. Directed by Heather Chambers, Janie Lucchese, and Fiona Burton. We provide a shared and supportive studio space as well as access to workshops, exhibitions and events.

Our project ‘Held’ uses community arts and creative placemaking to encourage Stockport’s artists and residents to engage with arts and culture locally. Through our project we are facilitating innovative approaches to skill sharing, collaboration, community building, as well as provision of paid opportunities for Stockport based artists. Our Studios and organisation is a space that evolves with the Stockport community that surrounds us. Our current project, ‘Held’ allows us to provide more regular workshops, curate exhibitions and to improve the design facilities of our Studio. This year we have been able to provide lots of new activities and initiatives that we haven’t been able to explore previously due to lack of funds.

Associated Badges:

In A Nutshell...

  • Collaborate... with industry leading experts in the field of Design
  • Upskill... on the debates happening right now within the design industry in Manchester & Stockport
  • Show leadership... and the opportunity to demonstrate creative problem solving in practice
  • Engage... with a industry leading speakers across a range of engaging creative themes
  • Earn up to 10 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • place 17:00 to 19:00 on 15/02/24 - BZ 403 and then (Benzie Building, 4th floor lecture theatre)
    Attend in-person Inspirer talk