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Future me week
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25th January
10:00 to 13:00
15 You will earn 15 silver points for completing this activity.
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Future Me Week: An Introduction to Scientific Computing - Session 2

25th January 10:00 to 13:00
Get ahead, increase your skills and productivity by learning some basic programming skills. This practical will use the Python programming language and will be split over two days with sessions taking place between 10am and 1pm.
This activity is offered as part of Future Me Week - five days of exciting opportunities to develop your skills, deepen understanding, gain experience and take steps towards an exciting Future You.

The sessions are aimed at giving you the necessary skills to use the Python programming language with Jupyter Notebooks. Jupyter Notebooks are web based and interactive, which makes them a great platform to learn and run your code. By the end of the sessions, you should be able to load data in from files as well as plot and save publication quality graphs. 

We hope that after attending the activity you will see how much more powerful and efficient coding can be over manually manipulating data and plotting graphs. We also hope that you will find the code you have learnt useful for when you prepare and complete your reports for other units.

The sessions will be held on Wednesday the 24th January and Thursday the 25th January between 10am and 1pm in DB135 and we look forward to seeing you there.

Associated Badges:

In A Nutshell...

  • Problem solving...use logical skills and reasoning to solve problems coding problems.
  • Programming skills...learn simple programming skills that could save you hours in data analysis in the future.
  • in pairs and collaborate to enhance your learning experience.
  • Data analytics...use simple code to manipulate data and produce publication quality figures.
  • Earn up to 15 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • place 10:00 to 13:00 on 25/01/24 - DB135
    Future Me Week: An Introduction to Scientific Computing - Session 2
    Gain key scientific programming skills