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February Festival
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9th February
15:00 to 17:00
10 You will earn 10 silver points for completing this activity.
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February Festival (Psychology Dept): Detective skills

9th February 15:00 to 17:00
Investigate a crime scene and test your detective skills. Whether you are keen to become a detective, or just enjoy a challenge, come along and test your skills at solving a murder.
February Festival

An offer for Psychology students only.

Associated Badges:

In A Nutshell...

  • Challenge... yourself to puzzle out how the victim died
  • Collaborate... with others to work as a team
  • Learn... new skills in criminal investigation
  • Discover... the key skills needed for successful criminal investigation
  • Earn up to 10 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • place 15:00 to 17:00 on 09/02/24 - BR3.31
    February Festival: Detective skills
    Investigate a crime scene and test your detective skills.