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Activity: Takes place with a fixed time and schedule
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29th November
to 13th June
300 You will earn 300 gold points for completing this activity.
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Comino Poet in Residence 2023/24 (Re-wilding Words)

29th November to 13th June
We are offering 7 Poet in Residence bursaries of £450 for aspiring poet-educators looking to get experience working in primary or secondary schools. Starting in NJan 2022, successful applicants will work with a teacher and one of the city's cultural organisations to develop and deliver a school-based poetry project over 4-6 weeks across Manchester.

Please tell us why poetry is important to you, including some detail about your own writing, what you think you could bring as a Poet in Residence on this project and how being part of this project would fit with your own career aspirations.

COMINO POET IN RESIDENCE 2023/4 – project detail
We are offering 7 ‘Poet in Residence’ bursaries of £450 for aspiring poet-educators looking to get experience of working in primary or secondary schools.

No experience is required but you must be a self-starter, be confident sharing your passion for poetry and be interested in inspiring young writers.

Starting at the end of November 2023, with a preparatory session with Poetry Library staff to explore the re-wilding words theme and to prepare you for becoming a Poet in Residence, you will meet your partner schools and organisations at an event in December to plan your project.

Bringing poets into classrooms to model their own enthusiasm and talent for reading and writing poetry is a powerful way to empower pupils to explore their own talents. Children are often natural poets and engaging with poetry in classrooms offers an opportunity for them to express their ideas and opinions, exploring their creativity and building confidence as they are inspired to write, perform and create.

On dates agreed between you and your partners in December, you will work with a class or smaller group of pupils in school and at a museum/library/gallery to deliver your project. You will deliver between 4-6 sessions with your teacher/partner between January/April, working towards a showcase of pupils’ work that will take place in June/July, when all projects will be exhibited in the Poetry Library and in schools.

Classroom experience is not necessary. You must have a genuine enthusiasm for writing poetry (in any form and for any audience) and a desire to work with children and/or young people.


Two optional information sessions (you need only attend 1) for anyone wishing to express an interest in this project and to find out more will be held on 13th October & 19th October. (This is online and optional but may be useful.)

Closing date for applications is midnight on Thursday 19th October.

Interviews will take place on 10th November. (Online or in person at a time to suit)


Each project will be a different interpretation of the ‘Re-Wilding Words’ theme, as agreed by negotiation at the launch event between the partners at the planning day on 8th December.

After an initial ‘meet the poet’ session in school, where the poets will meet the class they will be working with and which Poetry Library staff will help you to prepare, there will be a visit to the cultural partner venue. Poets will attend this with their school and will support the Cultural Partner, who will lead on this session. Some schools may also opt for a Poetry Library visit, which we will facilitate with you. These early sessions are an opportunity for you to get to know your pupils and, with support from the teacher, to refine the planning of your sessions.

Poets will then deliver 3 or 4 sessions in school, dates and timings as agreed on Dec 8th, during which they will work, supported by the teacher, to inspire pupils to create their own poetry on the theme of ‘Re-Wilding Words’. We will work through the shape of these sessions in the preparatory session and in the planning day on Dec 8th.

The Poet in Residence will also work to collate poems at various stages of the project. Outputs can be in any format and may include written, performed, filmed, illustrated work to be showcased in school and also in an exhibition in the Poetry Library over the summer. You will work with Poetry Library staff and the other poets to create this. You will also work, with teachers, to edit and compile a collection of poems from each child for the project folder.

A celebration event at the Poetry Library will take place on June 13th, 2024, where all schools, led by their poets, will share their projects.

PROJECT DELIVERY DATES (if you are appointed, you must be available to attend all of the dates below)

A preparatory briefing will be held in the Poetry Library for all successful applicants on 29th November 2023. Everyone must attend this. The Re-Wilding Words brief will be explored and initial ideas shared with all poets. You will leave prepared for the next session which is …

The main project launch, a whole day event, where poets meet their partner organisations, will be held, in person on 8th December. This is the main planning day and everyone must attend.

Additional questions can be answered at the online briefing on 13th October. Or contact

Associated Badges:

In A Nutshell...

  • Collaborate... with educational professionals from schools and cultural organisations (including the Poetry Library team) to create and lead a project as a Poet in Residence.
  • Share... your enthusiasm for poetry with children and young people to inspire the writers of tomorrow.
  • Create ... an exciting poetry project on the theme of 'Re-Wilding Words' and devise ways to create and display pupils' work in the Manchester Poetry Library.
  • Develop your skills... with support from teachers and creative practitioners who have a wealth of experience in school.
  • Gain invaluable paid experience... working as the Lead Artist in an education setting on a project that is fantastic experience for anyone interested in community and outreach work or in going into education.
  • Earn up to 300 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • place 14:00 to 17:00 on 29/11/23 - Manchester Poetry Library
    Project briefing and training for successful applicants
    A brief all Poets in Residence before meeting the teachers and cultural partners at the Launch session. We will explore the theme of re-wilding words together in preparation for the planning day in December.
  • place 10:00 to 17:00 on 08/12/23 - Geoffrey Manton or Grosvenor East - room tbc
    Project planning day
    This is where you will meet your project partners: teachers from your allocated school and your cultural partner, who will be someone from one of the city's museums, galleries, libraries or theatres.
  • place 02/01/24 to 31/05/24 - As agreed on planning day - a mix of work at the school, the cultural partner and at MMU
    Project delivery
    As agreed at the planning day, this will comprise approx 7 days in total, a mix of school visits and some time at the cultural partner and the Poetry Library
  • place 16:00 to 18:00 on 13/06/24 - Poetry Library
    Celebration event
    A gathering of all of the project partners to showcase their work