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Activity: Takes place with a fixed time and schedule
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16th November
to 30th November
39 You will earn 39 bronze points for completing this activity.
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Carbon Literacy Facilitator Programme

16th November to 30th November
Are you passionate about climate change? Do you want to play an important role in the University’s role in responding to this crisis? If so, join our Carbon Literacy facilitator programme!

About the Facilitator Programme:  

This year, we are upscaling the Carbon Literacy programme by embedding it in degree programmes across the university. This is in line with the University’s Sustainability strategy that states that by 2026, climate education will be embedded in all degree programmes, ensuring graduates have the essential skills needed to act on climate change. Whilst the training will be led by lecturers, we are now also recruiting students to provide vital facilitator support in these session. 

The training consists of three sessions, delivered over three Wednesday afternoons. Note that you need to attend all three sessions in order to become a facilitator:  

  • Session 1 & 2- Standard Carbon Literacy training: Here you will have the opportunity to participate in and experience the Carbon Literacy training that you will be facilitating later in the year.  
  • Session 3 – Facilitator skills workshop: In this workshop we will cover key skills, essential for facilitating Carbon Literacy training. This includes time management, active listening and questioning skills and establishing an optimal learning environment.  

Time and dates:  

Carbon Literacy part 1: 16th November: 13:30-16:45 

Carbon Literacy part 2: 23rd November: 13:30-16:45 

Facilitator skills workshop: 30th November: 13:30-17:00 

What am I expected to do once I have completed the facilitator training? 

Once you have completed the facilitator training you will be able to support trainers delivering Carbon Literacy training. Your tasks will include:  

  • Support learners during the activities. (i.e., repeat activity instructions if necessary, ask open and guiding questions to facilitate discussions, ensure participants stay on track timing wise)  
  • Help set up/ clear the room before and after the session 
  • Hand out activity resources (i.e., activity cards/ sheets of paper) 

Note that you are not expected to lead on activities or deliver presentations at this stage, this will be done by a trainer. If you wish to become a lead trainer yourself, you first need to attend this facilitator programme before signing up to the full train-the-trainer programme in term 3 (Dates TBC). 

If you have any additional learning requirements, please contact us so we can work out how you can best be supported in undertaking this training. 

In A Nutshell...

  • Develop... invaluable essential transferable leadership and communication skills
  • Get paid... to facilitate Carbon Literacy training within your department and beyond
  • Contribute... to the success of Manchester Met’s commitment to roll out Carbon Literacy training in all degree programmes by 2026
  • Make an impact... on the most pressing issue of our time
  • Earn up to 39 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • place 13:30 to 16:45 on 16/11/22 - Institute of Sport 3.09/3.10
    Carbon Literacy Part 1
    Modules 1-3 of the Carbon Literacy Training
  • place 13:30 to 16:45 on 23/11/22 - Institute of Sport 3.09/3.10
    Carbon Literacy Part 2
    Modules 4-6 of the Carbon Literacy training.
  • place 13:30 to 17:00 on 30/11/22 - BS 5.02
    Facilitator Skills Workshop
    This session will equip participants with the skills necessary to support Carbon Literacy training as facilitators.