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Activity: Takes place with a fixed time and schedule
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6th June
to 24th June
400 You will earn 400 bronze points for completing this activity.
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Bupa Business Challenge

6th June to 24th June
Gain experience of a global provider of health and care in the North West through the Bupa Foundation. Develop your business acumen by exploring a real business scenario, and gain invaluable insight through tailored workshops that will give you experience of the application process, interviews and career pathways with a leading employer.

The Faculty of Business and Law, at Manchester Met is working alongside the Bupa Foundation, the charitable arm of Bupa UK, to develop a programme to support undergraduates and postgraduates from any discipline in gaining important skills to make to the transition into the workplace post-graduation. The course will covers three strands:

  • A business challenge
  • Bespoke training session to help you on your career path
  • Insight from those currently on the Bupa Graduate scheme

The business challenge will require you to investigate a market sector in the UK. You will need to investigate and analyse that market, and then draw conclusions and make recommendations from your findings. These will involve a short presentation to the panel, where your ideas and recommendations will be explored further. Key to your success will be working as a team – ensuring you share the workload, support each other and utilise the necessary skillsets to deliver to deadline.

The Bupa Foundation team has developed a 90 minute tailored workshop to support you with your career post university. This workshop will cover three key stages:

  1. Effective applications to help you target the employer that is right for you;
  2. Interviews and assessments- how to prepare and ensure you give your best; and
  3. Career Paths- understanding your career journey and your personal brand, and importantly how you shape this to influence your career.

During the programme you will meet Bupa employees and be scheduled virtual coffees with current members of the graduate scheme to understand the transition to employment, their experience of the first few years of the workplace and some useful hints/tips.

Please note, that this activity is available by expression of interest. When you book a ‘ticket’ you will be asked to give us a very brief account of why you would like to take part. We will try to make as many places available as possible, but if it is very popular we will need to prioritise based on these expressions of interest. Please note we can only accept expressions of interest provided through this form; emails may not be considered.

We would particularly welcome students who are 1st Generation, so please do add this to your brief account in your expression of interest.

In A Nutshell...

  • Supported by the Bupa Foundation... you will explore a real business scenario. You’ll receive guidance from Bupa employees who will support and constructively challenge your thinking along the way.
  • Develop core team skills... by working in small groups. The challenge will replicate a real commercial environment and your success will depend on how you work as a team.
  • Critical stepping stones to kick off a successful career... with tailored workshops to enter the workplace post-university. Bupa’s own recruitment team will share what they seek when bringing on new starters.
  • The programme will run over 2 ½ weeks... with the majority of time being working in teams and with regular check-ins with the Bupa Foundation team.
  • Earn up to 400 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • call_split 06/06/22 to 24/06/22
    Challenge Dates
    Activities will take place within this period and will be confirmed closer to the event.