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23rd May
to 24th June
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Assistant Editor Roles for Special Issue of TEXTILE Journal of Cloth and Culture.

23rd May to 24th June
As Assistant Editors for this Journal, this vital role offers the opportunity to shape and to be a part of an academic submission in the Arts. The role will use your insight to oversee and edit the commissioned contributions of papers, and to write an authored summary/editorial/review into this important Journal.

The Special Issue Journal brings together key contributions from the biannual Textile and Place conference that was hosted online at Manchester School of Art in October 2021.

The roles of Assistant Editors, will not require intimate knowledge of textiles, since the narrative of the Special issue is to show a wider aspect of human experience. The roles require a good overview of the submitted material, a creative but academic summary which could grow into an editorial if you feel confident, one role as co-author of a submission and an eye for detail in the copy-editing process. By the end of the internship the Journal manuscript should be as near to possible submission ready. Lots of experience will be gained through reading the submission writing up, commenting on contributions and understanding the requirements for submission to Journals.

This Textile and Place conference 2021 was an amazing 5-day event which you can check out online at The conference included various international keynotes, such as the Turner prize winner Lubaina Himid and the director of the Tate Dr Maria Balshaw. We hosted academic panels, forums, in conversations and films, which included cross cultural activities with the China Arts Academy in Hangzhou and Art Museum in Suzhou. Here is the original text that described what the conference was about:

‘The conference explores how textiles describes and maps specific places and broader ideas about location, which relate to traditional methods of making, memories and through and through site-specific and community-based practices. It examines how textiles carries within its fabric and in its production, the stories of trade, the transmission of histories, the crossing of cultural boundaries, of migration, and postcolonialism. We use the word politics as a broad term to indicate how textiles is implicated, in particular places and is part of the relationships between groups or organisations and used to confront issues of power. Textiles can fix us to a place and be part of the process of making change.

The conference looks at how textiles enable connections between sociability and communities; is a medium of protest and engages with alternative narratives; participates in economies of production, and the environment. The context and backdrop for all this discussion is Manchester’s rich textile histories as well as today’s challenges, where textiles are woven into changemaking. ‘

The conference as in partnership with the British Textile Biennial ( who hosted many exhibitions and activities in the region. The previous Textile and place conference took place in partnership with the Whitworth in 2018 and we published a Special Issue Journal following this event in 2019.

We build upon these previous experiences to edit a second Special issue TEXTILE Journal of Cloth and Culture published by Taylor and Francis.

The papers have been selected for the Journal and are being written for submission in May.

The role of Assistant Editors, seeks 4 students who can work collaboratively to collate the contributing papers and draw out the thematic connections between them in relation to the Textiles and Place theme by writing a summary, which will appear in this important Journal under your names. The fourth student will co-author a shorter submission concerning cross cultural artistic practice with Kate Egan who has curated a project with the Chinese Art Academy academics.

The roles will include

·      Editing and proof reading these contributors papers according to the style guides that Taylor and Francis supply.

·      Checking the bibliographic references.

·      Compiling the biographies for consistency.

·      Liaising with contributors for corrections.

·      Writing a summary/editorial that frames the papers (word count to be decided)

·      Checking the images with permission and captions for final submission.

·      Matching the requirements for submission against the recommended author submissions guides supplied by Taylor and Francis.

·      Co -authoring joint submission concerning cross cultural artistic activities with short literature review.

Prof Alice Kettle has been leading on the Textile and Place conference and Journal. She will be using your summary/editorial to frame her main editorial. She will be setting out the role and checking in at the end of the project. The 3 roles should be divided between each other as mutually agreed and the collaborative writing of the summary will be a shared activity. It is expected that the work will take 2 weeks.

Kate Egan will work closely primarily with the 4th student to write the joint article for the journal, although there will be some cross over.

Subject knowledge is less important than the ability refine and to write lucidly about the submitted content. 

The roles will offer great experience for drawing together the submission for a significant academic Journal.



Expressions of Interest: Please tell us about yourself and if you have an example of your writing even better.


Required Intensives: We recommend you sign up for Key Research Skills package as part of the internship in particular

Research Skills Refresher

And possibly

Digital social media Research Skills

Researching Race and Racism 

In A Nutshell...


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