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Activity: Takes place with a fixed time and schedule
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12th March
10:30 to 12:00
20 You will earn 20 silver points for completing this activity.
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12th March 10:30 to 12:00
Concerned for the climate, anxious about AI, worried for work? The future can seem a scary place, this workshop will help you deconstruct those feelings and consider how you might convert your turn those fears into motivation and opportunity.

We all see and hear lots of scary images of the future. Like the AI-generated one used to advertise this event! This can become overwhelming and leave us feeling anxious or powerless when planning our future.

Acknowledging and understanding these feelings is an important step in converting them into opportunity and action. As graduates entering the workplace, you are better equipped than anyone else to build a better future. Whether you are facing technological or sustainability challenges you will be entering your field or industry as leaders in meeting the demands of the future.

In this workshop we will communicate our fears towards the future in a playful manner through the medium of films and TV. We will then discuss how we can be the hero of these stories and save the world (or at least make it a little better!)

This workshop may also support you in the creation of your Rise assessment by identifying self-motivation, future plans, and the value of your co-curricular learning.

Associated Badges:

In A Nutshell...

  • Share... your feelings and fears about the future
  • Explore... your anxiety through the playful lens of movies and TV
  • Discover... your role in the future and how to turn your anxiety into opportunity
  • Earn up to 20 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • place 10:30 to 12:00 on 12/03/24 - Geoffrey Manton 342
    In-Person Workshop
    This workshop is a space for you share your anxiety towards the future