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Future me week
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25th January
10:00 to 13:00
5 You will earn 5 silver points for completing this activity.
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Performance and Social Change - presentation and workshop

25th January 10:00 to 13:00
Practical introduction to the acclaimed work of Common Wealth Theatre Company.
This activity is offered as part of Future Me Week - five days of exciting opportunities to develop your skills, deepen understanding, gain experience and take steps towards an exciting Future You.

This session, part of the Future Flares festival, will provide a practical and creative introduction to the work of acclaimed theatre company Common Wealth, based in Bradford, and their approach to the creation of innovative theatre for social change.

Common Wealth make site-specific theatre events that encompass electronic sound, new writing, visual design and verbatim. Our work is political and contemporary – based in the present day – the here and now. We make work that is relevant and addresses concerns of our times.

We seek out places to stage our work that are right in a community; a residential house, a boxing gym, places where people who might not go to the theatre might come to instead – we aim to make theatre for people who don’t usually think it’s for them, we’re bored of theatre being for the middle classes and those that can afford it – we genuinely believe in theatre as an art form and the power it has. We think this should belong to everyone – as audience, participants and as protagonists.

Common Wealth started working together in 2008 in a very DIY way with no funding just access to massive buildings and networks of great people to collaborate with. On every project we seek to make something that will engage audiences in an encounter that pushes what theatre can be. We’re not necessarily interested in traditional story-telling but in creating memorable, unexpected experiences.

Our ideas are rooted in socialist politics, working class backgrounds, a keen interest in contemporary music/theatre/art/design, the people that we meet and an idealistic ambition to shift things. We see our plays as campaigns, as a way of bringing people together and making change feel possible. Common Wealth are based in Bradford and Cardiff and make award-winning work across the UK and internationally.

Common Wealth Show Reel

Presented as part of the Future Flares Festival, supported by the Department of Art and Performance.

In A Nutshell...

  • • Gain valuable insights... learn about ground-breaking new arts practice.
  • • Get connected... by hearing from and working with a leading arts professional.
  • • Develop graduate attributes... that will help you take the next step as an artist/producer.
  • • Get to know the territory...which professionals are doing what, and where you can fit in.
  • • Earn up to 5 Rise points... which can be recognised within your degree.
  • Earn up to 5 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • place 10:00 to 13:00 on 25/01/24 - GE104
    Performance and Social Change
    Presentation and workshop