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27th April
13:00 to 14:00
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Alumni Panel: What can I do with my degree? Graduate Schemes/Job Roles

27th April 13:00 to 14:00
Meet Manchester Met graduates building their careers in industry.

Featuring Manchester Met graduates who have entered the job market via a graduate scheme. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from Alumni who have taken the next steps in their career journeys.

Alumni panels are a forum for you to ask questions, gain top tips, get some insight into different career pathways, and start building connections in the industries that interest you.

Nkosana Tony Opio-Te

Graduate Civil Engineer at Stantec

As a Graduate Civil Engineer at Stantec, working in the water sector means the goal is to supply, manage, and maintain clean water supply, design wastewater infrastructure and develop solutions to flood risk for our clients. We use digital technology such as ArcGIS and Google Earth daily, and increasingly FME. And I work with lots of geospatial, geotechnical, archaeological, and environmental professionals in order to inform design. We also work with water modellers (Hydraulic modellers) to test designs for efficacy. We go out on site a fair deal in order to understand the context of the problems and in order to gain a better handle on how a proposed solution may operate in the field. There is also a lot of stakeholder engagement, be this the client, local authorities or the public. Right now, whilst seconded into Thames Water I focus heavily on emergency and urgent works, developing solutions to failures in the Thames Water network (gray infrastructure). However, in previous projects such as Hull Living with Water, the focus was heavy on Green Infrastructure, identifying SuDs opportunities in order to attenuate flows in the catchment thus, flattening peak flows, reducing pressure on the network and managing flooding. I have also worked on pollution studies, developing notional solutions and storage solutions to control the levels of pollution discharged into waterways.