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What motivates me?

Finding your own motivation to become a sustainable graduate is key. In the introduction video I discussed what motivates me to be sustainable and identified four motivators:

  1. Soft Sustainability: A desire to make the world a better place
  2. Critical Sustainability: Recognising that by not acting to make the world better we are supporting unsustainable and unjust systems.
  3. Innovation: Challenging norms and finding new ways to do things is exciting, rewarding, and empowering.
  4. Employable: Every industry and sector is looking to employable sustainable graduates and by gaining skills and knowledge in sustainability you can enter your career as an expert in a very in demand area.

What motivates you?

Take a few minutes now and think about your own motivation for becoming a sustainable graduate. What global or local issues concern you? How can you use your degree to change this? Which of the four factors above motivate you, or is it something else entirely? Do you have a sustainable role model? After your reflection write a single sentence: I want to be a sustainable graduate because…… If you feel like sharing your motivation pop it on a post note on the Miro board here. Having a look at what others have shared might give you some inspiration too!


<undefined><strong><em>Vanessa Andreotti</em></strong>, 2006, Global Citizenship</undefined>

Explore the concept of critical sustainability and global citizenship with this article from Vanessa Andreotti. In particular consider table 1 that compares soft vs critical motivations for changing and overcoming global systems and challenges. Reflect on how these factors might support your own motivations