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What is Rise at Manchester Metropolitan?


Rise is Manchester Met’s flagship co-curricular learning programme, which is designed to enrich your learning experience. Rise is open to all students at Manchester Met and many activities will let you meet and work with other students from all kinds of other subjects and faculties. Science and Engineering Enrichment works with Rise to curate experiences that are particularly relevant to you but you are also encouraged to explore the wider Rise offering during your degree.

Most Rise activities help you development expertise in one of the these themes:

Pick one of the themes listed above and follow the link to that theme on the Rise page. Take a scroll through the page to get an idea of the kind of activities on offer. Don’t worry if it seems like a lot, you don’t have to do them all! Everything on Rise is optional so just scan through and see if anything grabs your attention! If you feel like you want to develop skills in a particular theme you can subscribe to get notifications for upcoming events in that theme.


Discover the benefits of taking part in Rise on the following page