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Vlog Examples – Lifestyle

The examples below look into vlogs that we will categorise as lifestyle vlogs. They are designed to take you on a journey, with a theme in mind. The title for these videos usually give away the theme they want you to keep at the back of your mind whilst watching the vlog. Have a look at how they do this and keep thinking about your own vlog subject.

Example 1: Lifestyle/Travel Vlog

Example 2: Day in the life Vlog

Example 3: Lifestyle/Home Vlog

Example 4: Comedy Commentary Vlog

Example 5: Travel Vlog

Just like the previous sprint, the examples above should not be taken as the best delivery styles but are just mere examples of different vlog genres. Which of these examples did you find very engaging and which did you find least? (Think about this same point as you move on to the final sprint in this topic for more examples)