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The Importance of Cultural Competence

There are many reasons why investing in cultural competence is important. We live in a diverse, multi-cultural world which includes people of many religions, languages and economic groups. Cultural competence is important because without it, our opportunity to build relationships and work effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds is impossible. Instead, we’ll co-exist with people we don’t understand, thereby creating a higher risk for misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and bias—things that can all be avoided.

This video highlights why developing skills of cultural competence is important from a personal perspective. Find out more about Hayley Yeates’s experience in this TED talk, ‘It’s (Past) Time to Appreciate Cultural Diversity.’

Hate crime figures are rising in the UK – the shocking statistics of a crime based around hostility towards someone else’s identity highlight the need for change. Potentially cultural competence has a role to play in helping to address this situation and influence change.

Image source: BBC (Home Office)