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Introduce: Task 3

Introducing Self

Having to share your ideas will help you to identify more precisely what aspects of interaction have interested you.  You’ll notice differences and similarities between your choice(s) and other people’s, and seeing the reasons that others have cited for their choices will increase your own awareness of aspects of interaction. 

By completing this activity, you will set your own personal learning outcomes for the unit.  You will also begin to develop your ability to focus on and appraise aspects of interaction.  This will be an essential skill in completing the assignment for this unit.

Introduce yourself on the padlet.

Tell everyone who you are and whether you’re currently studying or working (or both!).  Share with the group what you are currently doing (e.g. a student on which course), what do you want to achieve from attending the course, identify your favourite piece of interaction and why (a short excerpt from one of the videos). Read what others have written, you may want to go back to the forum before the workshop to see everyone’s contributions.