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Introduce: Task 2

Child interactions

When observing interactions between children and adults, we can often be aware of the overall messages without considering specific aspects of what’s happening.  By watching these video clips with a different focus, you can start to become more aware of what is happening in these “conversations”.  This in turn begins to develop your ability to critically appraise interaction skills.

In completing this activity, you will start to focus on the language used by young children and their caregivers.  This task will link to Learning Outcome 3: Critically appraise interaction skills with children which facilitate speech, language and communication.

Watch the following video clips which show young children interacting with adults. Using the template, make a note of any interactions which stand out to you and why.  This could be because you really enjoyed watching them or because you noticed something in particular about them (eg the language used by the child and/or adult; non-verbal communication, etc).  To access subtitles, use the ‘CC’ icon in the bottom right corner of the video.


Fun with nature: Making a rock, leaf and twig collection – BBC Tiny Happy People

Getting ready for school song – BBC Tiny Happy People