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Develop: Task 3

Child videos

In order to decide how best to support children’s speech, language and communication development, we need to consider whether their skills match their age and stage of development.  This helps us to identify their needs most appropriately. 

This activity will support your ability to observe children’s speech, language and communication skills accurately.  This is an essential skill in considering children’s stages of development. 

To be updated

  • Watch the videos of the 2 children and use the template below to make notes on the following:
  • Use any of the resources you’ve already identified (for example, websites) to help you make notes on the different aspects of their speech, language and/or communication skills.   
  • Once you’ve completed this, decide if you think that the skills fall within the expected range for the child’s age or not. 
  • If any skills are not within the expected range, try to identify specific skills which the child is having difficulty with.