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Strategy 4: Climate change feels distant to many people, so use examples closer to home

Climate change has for a long time been framed as something that is happening geographically and temporally far away. We have all seen (very sad) images of starving polar bears and heard what will happen 50-100 years in the future as a result of climate change. However, most of us only think a couple of years ahead in the future and we naturally care more about the wellbeing of loved ones than polar bears.

Try to make it relevant, for example by connecting to peoples collective experiences of changing weather patterns, such as recent flooding in the UK and France.  However, be very mindful of how you approach this topic, as some people may have suffered directly from this. Try to keep it general rather than personal.

You can also help people to see further into the future by asking them to consider the future of our (collective) children.