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Stakeholders: Audience

By now you have lots of people involved in your problem. But you can’t target all of them. You can target one. The person who has the biggest influence on the overall behaviour. This person is your audience. They become the behavioural archetype as we are focusing on patterns of behaviour instead of a specific user.

Your target audience may not be who you initially thought. 

Anirudh Tagat and Hansika Kapoor, Behavioral Scientist, 2020

Anirudh Tagat and Hansika Kapoor developed a recycling intervention in India. This is how it went.

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‘About midway through the training, as we were explaining what should go in the plastic bin, one resident turned to a woman beside her and said, almost as a realization, “Are you listening?” This woman was her housemaid. At that moment, we realized that we’d been targeting the wrong people.’

Anirudh Tagat and Hansika Kapoor

Choose your audience (10 mins)

Review your Actor Map and pinpoint your audience.

  • Who is doing the action?
  • Who is the person that makes the decision?
  • Which individual, team or organisation has the most influence on the problem? 

Download the KISS Ladder

Download and fill in the Stakeholders rung. Add your most influential stakeholders and your chosen audience.