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Spheres of influence: Who can you influence to take action and how?

Please review the list of examples below of who we can influence to take action on climate change and how we can do so:

  • Family and friends: Encourage them to walk and cycle more. Share vegetarian meals together.
  • Social media: Share climate change articles, sign and share climate change petitions.
  • Sports club: Encourage your sports club to implement a low carbon action plan.
  • Workplace: Encourage your employer to implement a low carbon action plan.
  • Politicians: Write to your MP/ Councillor, tell them you care about climate change and ask them to support ambitious climate change policies.

Once you have reviewed the list, please download the Spheres of Influence handout here and use it to make your own list of who you can influence to take action on climate change (people/ organisations/ community groups) as well as how you can do so.

Once you have completed the handout, pick two examples from your list and reflect on which climate change communication strategies you would use to encourage them to take action on climate change.

For a reminder of the strategies, please download this handout.