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Safe and Secure Relationships


Developing a secure relationship with young children and their caregivers is an important consideration.

Children thrive when they feel safe and secure, and when they are in the presence of people they respect and trust.  

By completing this activity, you will discover the importance of children feeling safe and secure; developing strong, warm and supportive relationships with others; learning how to co-operate and to resolve conflicts peaceably.



Feeling safe makes learning possible. Research has shown that children who feel insecure play and explore less and have more difficulty with peer relationships. By helping children feel safe, we prepare children to learn.

Read this short article on how secure and trusting relationships can have impact children’s development. 



After reading through the content above, reflect on the following:

  • Why are positive relationships important to a young child’s development? 
  • Which positive behaviour and attitudes can you convey, to encourage personal, social and emotional development? 
  • How else can you be a good role model? 

Further Resources