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Rise: What’s the point?

Whenever you take part in enrichment activities through Rise you earn Rise points. Rise points do three things for you

  1. Track your development
  2. Gain transcript recognition
  3. Earn Rise badges

Track your development

Anything that earns you Rise points goes onto your Rise Log. You can see this by following this link. this log is a super handy way to keep track of all your amazing achievements and development during your time at Manchester Metropolitan. Then, when you start your search for a graduate job you can use this log to help build your CV.

Gain Transcript Recognition

If you earn at least 150 Rise points during your degree you will gain an additional line on your transcript that shows off your Rise involvement to potential employers. This is not classificatory credit and does not affect your grade, but is a useful way to demonstrate additional effort on an official Manchester Met transcript.

Earn Rise Badges

Rise badges are another way to show off your achievements on your CV or social media profiles. They demonstrate that you have developed a set of skills in one of the themes we looked at in the last sprint. Badges are award based on the number of points you have earned and the level of involvement. For example a Bronze badge can be earnt through self-study and a Gold badge from being part of a project where you work on your own to overcome a challenge. You don’t need to worry about this too much now but if you are interested you learn more about Rise badges in the article below.