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Prepare: Task 3

Formative Assessment

Here is some information about Formative assessment so you understand what to expect as part of the marking process.


There are two types of feedback: formative and summative. An easy analogy to explain this is an Olympic sprinter. All of the training runs allow them to gauge how they are progressing, and how they can get faster, but they don’t count towards competition or world records. This is formative assessment. The final event, where they compete against the world’s best sprinters is their summative assessment, where all the information from the formative assessment is measured in a real competitive event.

Formative feedback

Members of the teaching team and will answer queries about your blog during the timetabled Workshop classes and in the evening drop-in sessions (see your personal timetable for details). Advice given during these sessions and feedback on any work you present will not count towards your final grade. During formative feedback, there will be no discussion of anticipated summative grades.

Summative marking and feedback

Assessors will mark your blog against the criteria outlined in the CAD and 3D Printing assessment marking scheme. It shows what sort of mark you can expect, depending on the quality and amount of work that you do.