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HighScope and the EYFS

Settings do not have to follow the HighScope approach exactly, but many settings have adopted practices from HighScope such as using some form of Plan, Do, Review, arranged their environment so that children can access and put away resources themselves and many use HighScope’s approach to conflict resolution.  

This following reading shows how the HighScope approach compliments the EYFS which we studied previously. Holt’s chapter shows where the EYFS requirements are complimented by HighScope and emphasises that “Intrinsic motivation is central to children having positive attitudes and dispositions to learning. Children who systematically have experience of the High/Scope Approach see themselves as capable learners whose work and effort will often lead to success.“ (High/Scope UK 2001 in Holt 2010: 115) 

Read Chapter 5 below of how HighScope links to the Early Years Foundation Stage.
As you read through, highlight the elements that Holt’s identifies as complimentary to the EYFS. 


Portfolio task

After reflecting on what you have read above, use your portfolio to complete the following task:

  • Review what you have highlighted in Holt’s chapter and write 200 words summarising the principles for improving the quality of children’s experiences that emerge from the HighScope approach.