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Stay and Play Groups

Parent and Child groups operate widely in England and are used to offer support for the development and wellbeing of 0-5 yr old children and their parents – often known as ‘Stay and Play’ groups. 

They typically operate weekly, for a 2-3 hour session, to provide a combination of free play and structured activities for children. Their aims are to: 

  • Stimulate child development through quality experiences 
  • Increase parental knowledge re: child development, discipline etc. 
  • Focus on facilitating social networks for parents and children 
  • Provide access to information and resources 
  • Provide early identification and referral re: developmental or family issues 

In your neighbourhood

Watch the video below of the types of activities at a stay and play session and think about how these might help children be ready for school. 


After wacthing the video above, use your portfolio to complete the following task:

  • Develop five questions that you could ask the people who lead/coordinate the Stay and Play Group about how the group supports children’s School Readiness.