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Pitching yourself

Have more delusional confidence

In this video I encourage to you to worry less about what could go wrong if you share your goals and dreams instead get excited about the endless possibilities if you open up about your ambitions. In the UK we are notoriously bad for having a pessimistic, protective and guarded mindset where we worry that we will be judged if we share what it is we would like to achieve. But this mindset can restrict you and slow down how quickly you will see results. So we recommend that you try to embrace more ‘Dillusional confidence’ and reframe your mindset to think of the endless possibilities that could occur if you stop playing down what it is you’d love to achieve.

Activity: Make a list of the benefits that could come from you talking about your goals and think about who could you start sharing your aspirations with. Go to Linkedin and make a list of people who might be able to motivate or support you with your ideas.

Contributor vs Expert Mindset – reference

For a lot of people we worry about speaking up and using our voice because we don’t feel we are qualified enough or deemed to be an expert. But when we have this outlook, we silence ourselves from using our voice, and it takes longer to build your reputation. When I was writing my first ever book, no one ever told me I was good enough to be writer and I absolutely worried about not being smart enough to complete it, but what I reminded myself was that I wasn’t trying to claim that I had all the answers, I just wanted to share my experience in the hope it might contribute to supporting other people on their journey. And remember you can’t ever become an ‘expert’ until you start sharing in the first place, so moving forward try adopting a ‘contributor’ outlook when it comes to putting yourself out there and it will feel a lot less daunting.

Activity: What is something you’d like to share an opinion on or share your knowledge with other people? Make a list of things you could share as a contributor without needing to be expert

<undefined><a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Don’t be Afraid to be Seen Trying </a></undefined>

Don’t be afraid to be seen trying! In your quiet courage to “try,” there lies a beautiful vulnerability. Don’t be afraid to be seen navigating the maze of uncertainty, for it is within these candid moments of effort that your true story unfolds.


As shared by Candice Denise above – You are a allowed to show yourself trying. Just because we live in a society where people only show the end result, doesn’t mean the process isn’t as important. Yes, people love to see how your story turns out but they also love to see you trying to turn the pages along the way. And if you’re ever worried about people making comments about you trying, remember typically the people who want to mock you trying are the ones don’t try anything at all. Be open about your process, the highs and lows, it doesn’t make you any less qualified or desirable as a candidate, it shows your willingness to embrace things even when you don’t know the end result.

Main Character Energy It’s important to remember that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to presenting yourself. If you don’t see yourself as ‘main character energy’ (being the loudest or chattiest person in the room) that is more than okay. There are lots of ways you can be visible without you needing to speak on camera or be in the spotlight.