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Pitching yourself

Delusional Self Confidence


In this video I encourage to you to worry less about what could go wrong if you share your goals and dreams instead get excited about the endless possibilities if you open up about your ambitions. In the UK we are notoriously bad for having a pessimistic, protective and guarded mindset where we worry that we will be judged if we share what it is we would like to achieve. But this mindset can restrict you and slow down how quickly you will see results. So we recommend that you try to embrace more ‘Dillusional confidence’ and reframe your mindset to think of the endless possibilities that could occur if you stop playing down what it is you’d love to achieve.

Getting connected with you delusional inner confidence

Make a list of the benefits that could come from you talking about your goals and think about who could you start sharing your aspirations with. Go to LinkedIn and make a list of people who might be able to motivate or support you with your ideas.