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Parents response to pregnancy

Introduction to ‘Parents response to Pregnancy’ 

In this sprint you will develop the following knowledge: 

  • I understand that pregnancy impacts emotionally, physically, and socially on the birthing parent and changes the parental couple relationship and the lives of all caregivers. 
  • I understand that involving significant adults/ both parents in the pregnancy experience is important. 
  • I am aware of the impact of past trauma on parental response to pregnancy. 

Pregnancy can effect both parents in different ways and can have a lasting impact to a relationship between the parents and child.


Watch the video below to help you understand how pregnancy impacts upon the birthing parent.


Develop your understanding of ‘Parents response to Pregnancy’ 


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that uses natural language processing to create human like conversational dialogue. The language model can respond to questions and compose various written content, including articles, social media posts, essays, code and emails.
You can sign up to set up a free account on a web browser using the following link: ChatGPT (

Use ChatGPT to help you develop your understanding of parents response to pregnancy. 
Click on each link below and make notes about how parents might respond to pregnancy.

ChatGPT is an algorithm that builds answers around published material. Therefore not all of the information provided may be accurate. When asking questions in ChatGPT you may want to specify that you only want peer reviewed information.


Reflect upon ‘Parents response to Pregnancy’ 

We’re now going to reflect on what we have covered so far by reading a case study from a non-pregnant partner pespective.

Family action

Read the case study using the link above and think about pregnancy from the non-pregnant partner perspective. 


After reading the case study, reflect using the following questions:

  • What are all the emotions the partner in the case study feels? 
  • In what ways did the partners role impacted upon the mother? 
  • In what ways did the partner impact upon the foetus or baby?