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Thank you for completing this pack, we hope it has given you a chance to explore some of the key influences – and the ways in which a good early years’ experience can support all children to thrive. As you worked through the module, you should have increased your confidence in understanding the importance of child development from conception to five years, to enable you to support the children and families you work with. We also hope it has provided you with some tools to apply in your future interactions with children.

This e-learning module has been developed through a partnership between Manchester Metropolitan University and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, along with early years sector experts and current practitioners. The module supports the key child development competencies within Tier 1 of the Greater Manchester Early Years Competency Framework, which recognise the importance of everyone who works with early years children and their families having a general knowledge and understanding of child development, including ‘what to expect when’, recognising that it is normal for this to vary from child to child.

Parents and carers are well placed to identify developmental and behavioural changes in their children, but they may need reassurance, information, advice and support at various stages. Engaging with the content in this module increases Early Years Practitioners’ awareness of how and when to respond to children’s needs as they emerge, and to the needs of families who may seek further information or support for their children.

Throughout this module you will have:

  • seen how the content combines examples of theory with practical ideas and suggestions to support your work with children and families.
  • experienced opportunities for you to reflect on current practice.
  • accessed suggested links to additional resources and learning materials.

Completion of this module enables you to be awarded a certification, in the form of a digital badge, which evidences to employers that you understand these fundamental principles. 

We hope that you will feel increasingly confident in your:

  • child development knowledge, including an awareness of contributing factors from conception to 5 years.
  • understanding of strategies that you can use in your work with early years children and families.
  • ability to provide support for children and families and to know how and where to seek further information and advice where necessary.
  • knowledge and understanding of how to access further resources and learning opportunities.

Want to learn more?

Applications are now open for short courses in Early Years Practice at Manchester Metropolitan University, starting this November.  

Manchester Metropolitan University has developed a suite of flexible, trailblazing Early Years short courses aimed at supporting the ambitions and professional development of the city region’s. These short courses are a unique result of this joined-up approach between Manchester Met and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Designed in partnership with the NHS and industry professionals, these innovative short courses aim to empower early years practitioners with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families across Greater Manchester.  

These courses offer a flexible pathway into higher education, providing students with the opportunity to achieve a Certificate in Higher Education.  

Get in touch with Manchester Met to find out more