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Manchester Metropolitan University as a sustainable institution

Building a sustainable future requires input and change from all industries. You don’t have to find a career in an job that’s traditionally viewed as ‘sustainable’, every job in every industry can be a sustainable job. In fact the biggest need for graduates with sustainable attributes is in industries that are currently applying unsustainable practices and harming people and planet.

This is a big ask from you as a single graduate! In this section we will explore what creating a sustainable institution looks like, and how it takes contributions from many different people to reach success. To do this we will consider our University. Manchester Met is a large institution with a very diverse range of people interacting with and using the space and resources.

First up, you’ve probably seen an image similar to the one below:

Have you questioned what this means and how Manchester Met earnt this ranking? You can find a detailed breakdown of how these rankings are created on the People and Planet website.

Sustainability strategy – how to make this digestible?

Sustainable Research – Get a student involved in this research? Postgrad bank Video interview with sustainable researcher.