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Making Teaching Exciting

To start, we would like you to work through the Week 1 content found on the FutureLearn website. Once you have created an account you will need to search for the course ‘Preparing for Teaching’. Remember, whilst the content is organised by ‘weeks’, they don’t need to take a week, and you can do them as quickly as you like.

As you are completing the Week 1 content, the additional resources here are designed to supplement the work within the MOOC. In particular, the MOOC makes reference to the Teacher’s Standards, which you can read in more detail here:

The Department for Education


What tensions are involved in expressing a one-size-fits-all model of best practice for teaching?


In addition, you may find the following reading – introducing theories of learning – useful. Start from page 186 and consider the reflective questions included:

Griffin, S (2017). in Trotman et al. “Education Studies the Key Concepts”

Access to the link requires MMU authentication. Consider replacing the resource with one that does not require authentication (is open access).


The MOOC asks you to write 200 words on your views on what makes a good teacher. Post your response to this in the forum, and use it as an opportunity to introduce yourself to other participants, using this thread. Forum link will need changing.


Once you have finished Week 1 of the MOOC, and this task, you can click ‘mark complete’ on this topic.