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Low Carbon Travel Challenges

These challenges have been designed to support you in reducing the emissions associated with your travel. Pick one (or all three!) of these challenges below.

  1. Stride and ride: ‘Possible’, a charity supporting local and systemic action on climate change, has launched a campaign called Stride and Ride, encouraging everyone who can switch from using public transport or cars to walk and cycle wherever possible. This is both to ensure that public transport stays as safe as possible during the pandemic but also to promote clean air and tackle climate change. Please visit their website and read about the campaign, then reflect on; are there any journeys that you could swap from cars/public transport to cycling/walking? If you feel like it, you’ve got the option to sign up to the campaign or to write to your MP to ask them to support measures to make cycling and walking safer and more accessible for everyone, however, this is optional!
  2. Drive smarter: Visit the Energy Saving Trust’s website and review their tips for how to save fuel, reduce emissions and increase air quality by driving smarter.
  3. There is an app for that! Find and try out an app that will help you reduce the carbon footprint of travel.