Low Carbon Food Challenges

These challenges have been designed to support you in reducing the emissions associated with the food you eat. Pick one (or all three!) of the challenges listed below to complete.

  1. Low carbon recipes: Research and try out a low carbon recipe.
    • A word of caution- If you do a google search for low carbon food, make sure you don’t look at low carb recipes (i.e. food low in carbohydrates) as ironically many low carb recipes have high carbon footprints!
  2. Reduce food waste: Identify one food item that you seem to waste a lot of. Then visit Love Food Hate Waste and scroll down to “Find a leftover food recipe”. Find and try out a recipe or tip for your food item.
  3. There’s an app for that: Find an app that will help with reducing carbon emissions from food. There are a number of apps out there to support low carbon eating from how to tackle food waste and eat seasonally to how we can reduce our meat consumption. Research and try out an app.

Good luck with your challenge!