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Familiar activities can provide comfort for young children and help them to feel more confident and secure by giving them the sense that they are in control of their environment.

Routines engage young children in developmental and learning opportunities that will build their skills and independence. In turn, this will enable them to adjust to change more easily.


Read the resource using the link above from Barnardo’s which highlights the different lifestyle choices that form the basis of a healthy lifestyle for a pre-school child.



Routines can vary, depending on the setting and the needs of the children. Implementing routines that include healthy choices, such as nutritional snacks and outdoor learning opportunities, can all work to create good environments that support learning and development, and encourage good behaviour and positive mental health.


Read this short article about how to implement important early childhood routines.
By completing this activity, you will begin to recognise that for toddlers onwards, healthy routines which include regular bedtimes and outdoor play are important for healthy lifestyles, their learning and development and positive mental health.



Based on the content above, reflect on the following:

  • How do healthy routines support learning and development and positive mental health?
  • How can you plan, implement and maintain healthy routines?
  • What is the importance of play and physical activity in helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle and supporting development in young children across Greater Manchester?

Further Resources