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Life in the Classroom

In Week 2 of the MOOC there is a focus around positive interactions with students, and how we might observe the practice of other teachers. You will think specifically about behaviour management in the classroom, both from a teacher perspective and from a more distant one that asks you to consider the importance of classroom culture and relationships. 

IMPORTANT: At the end of this MOOC, you have the option of paying for a certificate of completion. You do not need to do this in order to complete this pathway! You just need to click the pink complete button at the bottom of each of these pages.

During this week, Skeena discusses the use of language and voice as a tool to support behaviour. You may wish to enhance your thinking around this with a fascinating academic exploration of taboo language.

Doherty et al. (2018). Linguistics and Education, 48, p 1-9.

  • The article is not open access.

Do you consider schools to be a ‘pure’ environment where swearing is not acceptable? How does this change between primary and secondary schools?


In the MOOC, I make some points about behaviour as a form of communication. You could enhance this thinking with the points made in this video by Rita Pierson:

And by reading the following additional reading:

Sackville-Ford, M. and Baggaley, S (2020).

The resource is not open access.


This week has offered a fascinating balance between practical techniques relevant to behaviour management, and more theoretical and critical aspects of how behaviour is constructed in schools. You may want to consider your own emerging commitments and thinking and contribute to this forum discussion. Change forum link.